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Joe McHugh storyteller, tells classic jokes as ecards to send to friends and family to make them laugh.

Joe McHugh, Storyteller

Entertaining audiences for over forty years across the United States and Europe, master storyteller Joe McHugh has collected a treasure trove of funny jokes. He has recorded the best of these jokes for Hardy Har Cards so that others might have the pleasure of sending them in short video e-cards to their friends and family, each e-card features a delightful illustration by his artist wife, Paula McHugh.

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When you become a member, you will be able to send as many of these classic joke e-cards to friends, family members, and workmates as you wish. Each Hardy Har Card video ends with a colorful blank card where you can add a special occasion greeting such as “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulation on your Promotion,” “Get Well Soon,” Thinking of You,” or “Best Wishes Upon Your (fill in the blank).” You can also add a personalized message—“It was great seeing you at Monica’s house last week.”  So come on in, listen to the jokes, have a laugh, and become a member to share that laughter with those you care about. It’s fair to say, we could all use a hardy laugh now and again given these troubled times.

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Lifting Spirits One Joke at a Time

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up!

The best holiday to send a funny jokes to the ones you love. We have several Irish jokes in our collection.

Here are three samples . . .

The He Rabbit and the She Rabbit
Two rabbits out minding their own business are chased into a hole by dogs. (All Audiences)

As the gifted musician has an ear for tone and melody and the gifted painter for shape and color, the gifted storyteller has an ear for engaging yarns. Joe McHugh is one such storyteller and he’s thrilled now to share his love of jokes with others through a series of video e-cards. And along with driving away the blues by making us laugh, the best thing about a good joke is that it can be passed on as a gift from one person to another, or as the wise would say, “Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled.” So please enjoy these stories of hen-pecked husbands, three-legged chickens, frustrated ministers, and the Irishman who walked past a bar—really, it happened.

“Write It Down!” 
A wife asks her forgetful husband to bring back a hot fudge sundae from town. (All Audiences)

“The artwork, stories, and music
are so wonderful!”

~Joanna P, California

I love the jokes! I laughed and laughed and laughed!

~Val V., Washington

“These jokes are actually funny.”

~Kathy P., Connecticut

The Irish Pharmacist 
A woman walks into a pharmacy and asks for a bottle of arsenic. (All Audiences)